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OEM products
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  • R&D Capability

    TOP R&D 23 Year Product R&D experience

    KONDA mobile R&D Center is the training base of the SHENZHEN Creative talent cultivation,

     established a corporate doctoral training mechanism. 

    It has comprehensive product research and development capabilities such as software design, modeling design,

     packaging design, mold design, electronic circuit design, etc. 

    8 Lab. R&D have RF Lab., Antenna Lab., Audio Lab., Vedio Lab., ESD Lab., Safe Lab. and User exploration area. 

    240R&D Team About 240 R&D persons, more than 30 technology experts and Doctors. 

    51% experienced experts over 10 year. 45% graduates above the 211 academy.




  • Delivery Capability

    Ecelsior Production

    2 Mainly production bases Shenzhen Base, Yibin Base 

    20assembly lines,5packing lines

    Total 20 assembly lines in Shenzhen and Yibin base , 5 packaging lines have been put into production. 

    Monthly capacity for tablets is 850,000 units and for notebooks is 400,000 units. 

    The base in Yibin covers an area of 83,000, leaving enough space for capacity expansion.790.jpg

    The R&D base in Shenzhen covers an area of 60,000 feet and has 7 production lines.


  • Service Support

    1. Closer communication

        Work close to the customers, not only the product, but also the whole solution to be customized: Design/Production/Service

    2. 24 hours feedback to all the requirement;

        Experienced engineers with English communication skills are available any time for on-site support all over the world;

    3. Project Management; 

        Project manager familiar with all details like the baby sitter, it make sure everything goes smoothly include after sales;

    4. FOTA installed for all the products in advance, update small SW bugs easily;

    5. Experienced & Flexible after sales solution;

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